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Speciosa Care

What are Kratom Extracts

Our Speciosa care products are made from mitragyna speciosa extracts which are derived from crushed or powdered leaves of the tree Mitragyna Speciosa aka kratom leaf. The crushed or powdered leaves are boiled and then the water is evaporated off. When the remaining water has been filtered and removed, a thick and dark paste remains. The dark paste then has a higher concentration of kratom alkaloids. If the kratom is left to dry it solidifies into a black like resin. The blackish resin of the kratom can also be ground into a powder itself. This is can be sold as a solid resin or made into an oil aka, kratom extracts. The reason for this process is to extract the alkaloid content from the leaves and then sold in a denser format. Often extracts get packed in kratom capsules, for the best kratom extract you should only use high quality leaves from one kratom strain. For our cosmetic range, we used red vein thai kratom leaf, we compared it for our application to the bali kratom & green malay, and decided that the red vein thai kratom would be our best choice

Many luxury kratom cosmetics like are made by extracting and preserving as much of the alkaloid content as possible. Our products contribute to the many the many benefits of using Kratom. There are three main alkaloids which are mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline. Kratom extracts that have a full range of alkaloids are referred to as full spectrum kratom.

Our Speciosa Care products offer a significant degree of convenience compared to its powdered and crushed leaves counterparts. Also, it contains powerful antibacterial properties. The products also contain natural ingredients, so they are self-preserving and paraben free. If you need more information about our products why dont contact us via our email address.

When deciding what type of kratom is the right for choice for you, the most popular forms of kratom extracts are water based, liquid (tinctures), resin, and enhanced leaf (UEI Kratom). The most common form is water based kratom. Our Speciosa Care beauty pack is a great luxury bundle of kratom cosmetics that includes four of our luxury bathroom and shower products. Check out our other Luxury kratom cosmetics products below.

We do not offer enhanced indo kratom anymore, neither ultra enhanced indo kratom, both enhanced kratom strains, we did not like the side effects. please checkout out our huge range of kratom powder

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Hair Shampoo with Kratom Extract

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Luxury shampoo with Rosemary and Kratom Extract 150ml (5.07 FL. Oz.) This shampoo will leave a soothing feeling...
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Hand-Body Soap with Kratom Extract

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150ml of hand & body with Kratom Extract and Almond Perfume (5.07 FL. Oz.) This creamy soap has a delicate...
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Body Cream with Kratom Extract

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Body Cream with Sweet Almond Oil and Kratom Extract 100ml (3.38 FL. Oz.) This nourishing light cream is easily...
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Speciosa Care Beauty Pack

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Luxury bundle of Speciosa Care kratom extract cosmetics. Hair shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel and hand &...
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Speciosa Care Creams Pack

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Luxury duel pack of Speciosa Care kratom extract creams for sale. Full body + Hand & Face creams extracted...