A Pound Of Kratom (Actually a Kilo) Is The Most Popular Amount We Sell

When the time comes to order some more Kratom, or if indeed you are dabbling your toes in the Kratom water for the first time, there is often a lot of discussion about the volume of Kratom you should buy. After all, you don’t want to buy too much to discover that you don’t enjoy the experience (highly unlikely), and you want to benefit from some economies of scale if you are a regular user. In our experience, the perfect order size, and the one that we sell the most of is a pound of Kratom, that’s two half kilos, that equal near a pound.

Why Order A Pound Of Kratom?

The first thing to understand about Kratom is that it can and does have many uses. Some people, for instance, find it an excellent ingredient for aromatherapy; aromatherapy delivers many benefits to its users. It is an easy way to share your Kratom with friends and family members. However, aromatherapy is not the most efficient way to consume Kratom; there will inevitably be some wastage, which is why it is essential to ensure that you have enough in stock. Our users report that our pound of Kratom packs (two half kilos) provide enough quantity to ensure that there is no risk of running out mid-party.

Quality and Quantity

Our Kratom is sourced from the best producers in the world, and its quality is second to none. That is why we retain well over 90 percent of our customers, month after month, because once they have experienced our product, they do not want to contemplate using any other brand. A pound of Kratom is a perfect size, as it allows our customers to have plenty in stock, and also have enough time to place an order once they have used about half of the packet so that the new order arrives before the old one runs out.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Although we have never been in a situation where we have run out of product, we will never compromise on the quality of our Kratom. We have been known to refuse deliveries of products in the past when we felt that it did not meet the standard for which our company is renowned. As a customer, it is, in our opinion, always a good idea to insulate yourself from any potential fluctuations of supply, which is why ordering your Kratom by the pound is the most sensible option.

We Regularly Run Promotions Of Pounds Of Kratom


As with any other supplier, we often run promotions that enable our clients to take advantage of even better pricing. In the past, the best and most significant discounts have been on the pound size, so if you are after a bargain, then visit our site regularly to reap the rewards.

As a company, our intention is always to look after our customers to provide them with the best products and information upon which to base their decision making processes. We hope that this article has answered any questions you might have and look forward to delivering your next order.

With all of that in mind, please be aware that just like most Kratom powder vendors, we sell in half kilos, so two half kilos will get you near a pound of Kratom powder!