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Posted On: Aug 6, 2020

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It Doesn’t Matter If You Are Trying To Use Mastercard, VISA, Or Even Some Of The Others, It’s Just Become Super Hard To Buy Kratom Using A Credit Card.  Why Is That?

You may have missed it, but Kratom is under attack, much like just about anything else the government or Big Pharma doesn’t control. We aren’t what you would call “conspiracy theorist,” but it’s pretty hard to miss. The government has tried to shut down Kratom through the FDA several times now, and failed. Instead of trying again, they want after our banks telling them not to do business with Kratom providers.

Some banks pushed back, not many, but enough to matter. So the government went after the credit cards instead, and Master Card and VISA caved without even a fight. It’s now impossible to get US-based payment processing fro Kratom purchases though either.

So Simply Spoken Visa And Mastercard In The US, Decided To Blacklist Kratom, Which Prevents You To Use Your Credit Cards. Credit Cards Aligned Here With The FDA & Big Pharma

So the Kratom companies started moving to Asian and European processors. It wasn’t long before their American counterparts made life so hard on them, through massive and non-stop audits, that it has forced them to stop offering credit card payments as well. The truth is, in general, credit card companies are everything we should be fighting against. Think about it; credit card companies make money off the backs and dept of hardworking Americans. Their entire business model is about putting you in as much debt possible and trying to get as much money out of you while they can before it ends you up in bankruptcy.

nemies Of Kratom - US Government, Credit Cards, Big Pharma

All three of the listed entities and placed Kratom on their hit-list, time and time again. Ad all, because THEY don’t control Kratom. So We Are REALLY Encouraging The Use Of E-Checks AS Our Primary Payment Method.

As a company, we believe that we have a duty of care to all of our customers, and the owners of the company are united in their disdain of credit cards. We believe that credit cards are inherently damaging to your financial health. They provide an easy way for people to amass large quantities of debt in a relatively short period.

Furthermore, the majority of people end up in debt with credit cards by using them for small purchases often, such as paying for a take-away or coffee daily. Unfortunately, the debt can quickly mount up, and in some cases, it can take months or even years for the customer to dig themselves out of debt if indeed they ever can.

Whenever you pay for a product or service via E-Check, you have to be confident that you have sufficient funds in your bank account the cover the cost of the check you are writing. This is a good safety measure and ensures that you do not overspend, or take you into debt, which in our opinion, is perhaps the most significant benefit using E-Checks. The alternative option for most people is to use their credit card, but unless you have the confidence and focus on paying the card off in full every month, you are mostly playing with fire.

Have you ever walked into an electronics or clothes store recently? You will most likely be offered, or even encouraged to take out an extended warranty in the electronics store, and a store card in both stores. This is because the companies know how easy it is to get sucked into the dangerous world of credit card debt, and they want to be the company that takes advantage of that.

With extortionate rates of interest, and people electing to pay minimum payments on their credit cards, many of the big stores make more money from their financial services products than from the products they sell. That in itself is a shocking statistic and demonstrates how toxic credit cards can be to anyone living in the United States today.

We refuse to fan the flames of debt, which is why we are so determined to encourage and motivate people to pay via e-check. The best way to become wealthy in life is to steer clear of debt, and spend less than what you owe every month. We believe that by encouraging our customers to pay via E-Check, we are not only providing them with the best products available, but we are also ensuring as best as we can that they stay out of debt.

We Are Fighting Back!

There is, however, one more really significant reason why we are so passionate about the benefits of E-Checks, and that is because we are fighting back against big corporations and the government. As mentioned, Kratom is a threat to the big Pharma companies, who bear are at least some responsibility for the many millions of people who are suffering addiction to their products.

The government is also involved in this to a degree because they are trying to prevent the sale of Kratom, even though it is not illegal. Finally, the credit card companies have decided to refuse to accept payment for Kratom products denying millions of US Citizens access to a legal product. Personally, we think this is a disgrace in a country whose entire ethos is built upon freedom of choice.

We have spoken to many of our customers who were frustrated at no longer being able to order their products via the internet because they were unable to use their credit card.

However, we are not a company that sits down and takes things, we are on your side, and we were determined to find a solution both for our company and for our many happy customers.

After a lot of research, we have concluded, that E-Checks are the ultimate solution. Our customers can now purchase the products they want and need, they do not need to go into debt with a credit card company, and they can escape the business practices of the large pharmaceutical companies, who in their opinion caused many of their problems in the first place. There is no need to lie down and take this type of despicable treatment any longer E-Check is the solution you have been searching for – the little man finally has a new option.

What Is An E-Check?

An e-check is ultimately an electronic version of the paper checks our parents used daily for many years. Tied to a checking account, it is essentially another payment option with some added benefits over credit cards, for both the vendor and the customer.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of an e-check is the security benefits it delivers. The first thing that happens upon presentation of an e-check is the authorization of the transaction, generally via an online payment form.

Other alternative payment options include a paper form which the customer signs, or verification via a telephone line or a smartphone app. Although this might seem like an extra unwanted step in the payment process, it is perhaps the most critical aspect of the process, because it instantly provides some degree of security and fraud protection for your money.

Although faster than a traditional check, because of the online aspect, the payment must still pass through the Automatic Clearing House Network (ACN). It is not until this process is complete, that the money is then debited from the customer’s account, and transferred to the

Let's Look At Some Of The Benefits Of Using An E-Check.

Traceability – E-Checks incorporate traceable features which minimize the chances of fraud.

The entire transaction takes place behind the top of the range secure servers, which means that banking details are never exposed.
The process has been designed to ensure that the minimum number of people are involved in the clearing system.

Recipients and financial institutions can quickly and easily verify the authenticity of every check.

Unlike paper checks, which a business might not cash for weeks, customers will see the money leave their account within a couple of days, which then means they will not inadvertently go overdrawn when the paper check is finally cashed.

With all of the many benefits the E-Checks deliver, it is easy to understand why the popularity of E-Checks among business owners and customers is showing a dramatic increase in demand.

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