What happened to Credit Cards, oh, and what about Trustpilot as well?

Posted On: Jun 15, 2021

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Maybe you've noticed it by now, buy-kratom.us no longer has a working Trustpilot profile. Trustpilot has changed their policies, and now seem to decide which companies are allowed to be reviewed on their platform. This is especially interesting because they spent quite a bit of time courting our business.

So Trustpilot now turns into yet another walled garden system that we all see and experience popping up all over the Internet, it seems. They contacted us and told us that Kratom no longer fits into their scope of business. They told us that our site on Trustpilot would soon disappear.

Right now. the following statement shows on our site on the platform:

Warning! Trustpilot does not support or advocate the type of business carried out by this company. We recommend exercising caution if you choose to engage with this company.

We wanted to make our customers aware of this, as we believe this is a horrible practice for any review service. We believe that it is within the customer's power (your power) to do something about this . . . by reviewing Trustpilot themselves. The reality is, Trustpilot can only stay popular if people use it.

Trustpilot decides who can and cannot leave reviews, which are shown, which are not shown. It's a very biased system, and in our opinion, this kind of approach to "create trust in the Internet" should not be endorsed or supported.

The easiest way to show Trustpilot you don't like how they do business, is not to use them anymore and let them know why not. In the long run, fewer companies will be willing to pay them a lot of money to promote their site without benefit.

And Now About Credit Cards

These regular shutdowns from credit card processing seem to happen every couple of years or so. Visa & MasterCard have a similar approach to Kratom that Trustpilot has; they don't support this merchandise over their platforms.

From time to time, this changes, and suddenly Visa Europe allows it again, or Visa US, but since 2016 it got nearly impossible to keep credit card processing online if you are in the kratom industry.

The processing fees went over the roof, as you had more and more go to very high-risk merchants; by now, June 2021, we don't find any safe solution for processing kratom. When we say "safe," we mean that we are willing to trust YOUR money with.

We are not willing to process for super-high fees and no customer protection in countries that are not regulated, putting your credit card data at risk and our processing as well.

We have decided to stop looking for credit card processing solutions right now. We don't feel comfortable with anything available, and we feel like all of them place our customers and ourselves at risk.

We'd love to give you better news, but as long the FDA does not change their stance against Kratom and allow us to work with it as a regular food supplement, credit card processing will always be a cat-mouse game, that's just as bad for you as it is us.


  • Jeff
    Aug 10, 2021
    It is unfortunate that credit card companies have the power to allow for business they prefer and not allow business they don't like. It is too biased. Also, I'm sorry about Trustpilot. However, I have never heard of their company.rnrnI have been purchasing from your company since it was Buy Kratom. You have always provided great quality at a very reasonable price. And your shipping is excellent. Thank you for being a great company. Maybe someday it will be easier to accept a wide variety of payments. I'm happy right now that you have at least 2 that work.
  • Julie
    Aug 6, 2021
    Do I have to buy a whole 2.2 lb bag?
  • katrina
    Jun 18, 2021
    what is an E check? and how do I get them if can't use credit cards? Amy info would be helpful I'm unfamiliar with Bitcoin echeck and all the other things except PayPal

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