Green Thai Kratom - White Horn Kratom

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Kratoma is always seeking to expand its range of mitragyna speciosa botanical samples offering one of the biggest choices of kratom for sale in the USA on the Internet.

We like to listen to our customers and try to source new strains as requested from our loyal customer base.

We are happy to announce we have added White Hulu, Green Thai and White Horned to our range of kratom for sale.

The two white strains are chosen for the unique alkaloid content. White horned kratom is named so due to its shape. It is finely powdered leaf harvested from mature trees with love and passion, organic, pesticide free and ethically sourced from growers who we have established a long-lasting relationship with over the last decade. 

The Hulu Kapuas is a very unique, hard to come by strain of kratom. It is a white/green strain with slightly higher than average alkaloid content. Our current Hulu Kapuas is a light yellow-green color and has a nice fine grind.

It gets its name from the region of Indonesia where it has been harvested, the Kapuas Hulu region of the province of Western Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, the largest island in Asia and the third largest island in the world.

All our kratom leaf for sale is dried using a special traditional processs in a drying chamber using low heat, which allows the most natural and slowly drying process to maintain alkaloid content as high as possible, as well well as sterilising the leaf so no bacteria or mould should grow on it. This process maintains the color and potency, if it were dried regularly without temperature control then it would lose color and potency.

The Green Thai, commonly known as Red Ven Thai (RVT) has been traditionally used in Thailand for centuries its analgesic herbal properties has been introduced by popular request for people seeking top grade quality botanical samples of the herb.

All three of these new strains are from 39 usd including free shipping to the majority of states in the USA where kratom remains legal.

As well as these three new strains of miragyna speciose botanical samples, we have introduced a new bundle pack of the maeng da leaf and red horned, as these are some of our best sellers, so we decided to make a mix bundle pack. These are our most popular sellers since the maeng da leaf is famed for its high potency and quality of the leaf. The new bundle pack includes 250 grams each of Red Meang Da, White Meang Da, Green Meang Da and Red Horned kratom. The Red Horned is sometimes confused with Meang Da, but it is a different strain with many similarities between the Meang Da varieties. The bundle pack of 250 grams of four strains is just $140 including free shipping.

We welcome customer feedback, so please get in touch if there is a kratom strain you would like us to source and please dont forget to like us on our Facebook page, to keep up-to-date with all our latest offers and discount codes.

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