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At we take our customers feedback very seriously. Since we have introduced our 1kg bags back in November, many of our loyal customers requested a split kilo option. Small units are quite time-consuming for our warehouse to prepare, but today we are very proud to offer a solution for this. We would like to introduce our NEW 1kg MIX Pack which contains four of our popular strains for a reasonable price! Of course a fast order handling is still our highest priority - Due to this the 1kg MIX Pack is already pre-packed by our warehouse in order to minimize handling times! The pack contains following strains:

RED BALI (250grams)
WHITE BORNEO (250grams)
GREEN MALAY (250grams)

You get 250 grams from each strain - That's 1000 grams in total! We decided also to include our connoisseur strain, the YELLOW VIETNAM, which is prepared with a special drying technique! This strain is our stores speciality and we hope that many customers discover all the new varieties of our assortment!

We hope that we meet the expectations of our customers with this new item!

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