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Borneo kratom is a popular strain due to the ideal climate of the island of Borneo, one of several nations in South East Asia where kratom is natively grown. You can always be assured that the Red Borneo kratom, unlike the majority of other sources and online shops, originates from trees at the perfect ripe age with the maximum alkaloid content.

We here at kratoma.com care very much about the environment, which is why we have gone to great lengths to assure that all kratom sold on this web site is ethically and sustainably sourced, working with the best kratom harvesters from Asia.

Borneo is in fact the largest island in South East Asia and the third largest in the world, behind New Guinea and Greenland. Its known as the geographic centre of Maritime Southeast Asia, located east of Sumatra, west of Sulawesi and north of Java, the principle island of Indonesia.

Working for over a decade now, we have established a valuable relationship with some of the indigenous tribes of Borneo to bring you the best value ethically sourced kratom available on the web. Borneo is famed for its jungles, some of the world's most species-rich equatorial rainforests, making, with the perfect temperature and conditions to grow prime quality kratom.

An island claimed by leading internet travel blog Lonely Plant, to have a sense of magical spirit in its ancient rainforests. A land of jungles, remoteness and adventure with a culinary melting pot of delicious foods from the many varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds of Borneos diverse and long standing history.

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