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There are several varieties of kratom, which has been traditionally used in south east Asia for centuries, all of which have their own unique properties. We generally offer for sale ten strains ethically sourced from Asia.

This weekend we are introducing for one month a special offer on three of our popular kratom (Mitragnia Speciosa) strains reduced to an amazing $99 per kilogram.

There are many strains of the kratom tree, which is a plant indigenous south east Asia that is a member of the coffee family which has been known for its traditional usage in Asia for its therapeutic properties.

We have on offer now for just $99/ kg the following strains Green Malay, Green Borneo & White Borneo

Green Malay
Green Malay Kratom is also known as Green Malaysia Kratom. Malaysia is one of several countries in south east Asia where the kratom tree grows due to its tropical climate that produces fresh and potent kratom leaf. 100% satisfaction guaranty and the shipping is, as always, free of charge!

Order now 1kg of Green Malay Kratom for $110 inc. shipping.


Green Borneo

Green Borneo kratom is obviously from Borneo, which is one of the biggest exporters of kratom in Asia. Kratoma has for many years been working with indigenous tribes to secure the best quality kratom that is harvested when it is at its most ripe to ensure our customers have top quality product with professional processing.

Order now 1kg of Green Borneo Kratom for $99 inc. shipping.

White Borneo

White Borneo is another kind of kratom sourced from Borneo in south east Asia. As with all our kratom strains we offer for sale on this web site, the leaf is ethically sourced. We here at Kratoma support the sustainable and ethical treatment of the Kratom trees and our producers only hand-pick the finest and most perfect leaves. Unlike most other Kratom vendors, we are only sourcing from trees at the ripe age with the highest alkaloid content at a sustainable level.

Order now 1kg of White Borneo Kratom for $99 inc. shipping.

All of our products are expertly and discreetly dispatched from our warehouse with FREE SHIPPING and no hidden costs. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee

Take advantage of this great one-month only offer for one kg of green Malay or green Borneo or white Borneo kratom form 35 usd by ordering today, subject to while stocks last.

All kratom products sold on this site are not for consumption any information given is purely for educational purposes.