Bulk Kratom Supply

Bulk Kratom

Are you a shop, reseller or simply want to stock up on a large supply of kratom?

At Kratoma we have many strains of premium grade kratom for sale at cheap wholesale prices for the consumer. However, if you are looking to buy an even larger quantity you can get further reductions on all our strains.

If you are looking to buy ten kilograms or more then we can make a custom special offer reduced price for you. Simply get in touch with by sending an email to order@kratoma.com.

If you wish to buy 10kg or more of our finest kratom leaf with high alkaloid content in one order then you can apply for a wholesale account with us. This will give you better pricing on 10kg, 25kg, 50kg and 100kg orders.

So, if you have your own online or retail shop and would like to offer the best quality kratom ethically sourced from our farmers in South-East Asia, where the kratom tree is native, please get in touch for a quote.

All strains, including the popular Maeng Da (literally means pimp grade), as well as all the red, white and green strains from Borneo, Malaysia and Thailand are available to buy at discounted wholesale prices. Look on our online shop to choose what strains and quantity you are interested in and let us know, so we can give you a price.

Kratom, a member of the coffee family that has traditionally been used for its therapeutic and medicinal properties in South-East Asia for centuries is becoming an increasingly popular product in North America for collectors of botanical specimens.

We regret to say we cannot ship kratom products to Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee. We do not ship outside of America, US customers only.

All information given is purely for educational purposes.


Therefore, we do not sell our products in any consumable forms, and anyone who asks for our products in these forms will be denied our services.  If we find that anyone is reselling our products to be used for consumption purposes, we will revoke their rights to sell our products.

Kratoma.com and its customer support representatives are only able to advise on availability, price, weight and shipping of what you would like to purchase and to answer questions regarding the actual ordering proces.

Thank you for your understanding.