Sustainable Forest Management of Kratom trees in the jungles.

Kratom saves lives

Kratom is an increasingly well-known member of the coffee family from South-East Asia, where it has been used for centuries for its well documented herbal properties.

All the kratom products on this web site including those used in our Speciosa Care cosmetics range are ethically sourced from kratom farmers, using only the leaves from mature trees. We only source from farmers who use appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of forests for present and future generations with Sustainable Forest Management.

Kratom trees grow in the rainforest and can grow up to a height of twenty-five meters (115 feet). They grow in clusters, the three different strains, red, white and green grow together in the same area.

The farmers harvest it, making sure they only harvest from mature trees that produce the best quality leaf with a high alkaloid content and in a way that does not damage the trees, so they can produce more leaf.

Sadly, there some kratom trees are destroyed when harvested by irresponsible farmers, which can cause terrible damage to the rainforest and jungle. Some cut branches down from the trees and then pick the leaves, whereas the responsible farmers pick the leaves from the tree without cutting the branches down.

This is why we have established good relationships from sustainable farmers in the kratom growing jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other parts of South-East Asia, who ensure they only harvest the kratom leaf in a responsible way that fits in with the ethos of our company. All the leaves sourced by us, including those used in our legally approved cosmetics, are taken from the tree without cutting down branches. Our farmers do not kill the trees or bring fertilizers into the jungle that destroy the ecosystem.

There are a few ways of drying the leaf. The first is in direct sunlight, but this is not a good method, since the trees are in the shade at a lower temperature, but drying the leaf in direct sunlight is like burning it in the heat for hours and will lead to a very bad quality end product.

Some dry over a fire, which might be good for smoky bacon, but no good for kratom as it would soon burn to a crisp the leaf, it would taste of burned leaf and destroy all the active ingredients.

Sustainable forest management of kratom trees.

The most effective way to dry the leaf is to do it slower in a proper ventilated drying chamber. For reasons of hygiene it is better to do inside at low heat with ventilation. The leaf will be left in a pre-heated ventilated drying chamber or oven at around 50-60 degrees Celcius (122-140 Fahrenheit) for around three hours. Then as soon as it is ready it is instantly processed into powder in the grinding machine, because if you do not do this instantly, due to the high humidity, you had moisture again to the leaf, increasing the risk of contamination.  This is the best method, it is also the most expensive, but it yields the best quality products with high alkaloid content and with no contaminations. It is also easier to grind if dried using this method.

We support ethical and sustainable methods of harvesting kratom, because we care about the environment and do want to see damage done to the jungle by irresponsible farming methods, ensuring that all our kratom is sustainable and ethically sourced.

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