Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo Kratom

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Red Borneo is a red veined kratom strain, found in the jungles of Borneo. It gets its dark color from the older, more mature leaves harvested.

This kratom strain is offered both as a 1kg bag in Powder form, or as a 500-gram bag, in capsule form.



Our Red Borneo Kratom is handpicked at the peak of maturity with the highest alkaloid content for optimum quality.

Red Borneo is one of the oldest Borneo Kratom strains, which first appeared on the western market, most of the this strain comes from Borneo jungle. The island of Borneo, located in South-East Asia, is considered to have ideal climate conditions for highest quality mitragyna leaves and is the home to Red Borneo Kratom named from the color of the veins in its leaves.

Since kratom grows naturally in this region, it has been cultivated and used in this region for decades. Red Kratom is known to be the world’s largest exporter of kratom due to these ideal climate conditions. Borneo Kratom is one of the oldest kratom strains, specially the red borneo was and is very popular for its supreme effects.

Our kratom comes from the rainforests in Borneo, to get borneo kratom our workers have to be experienced, as know how to harvest kratom leaves correctly. In the past kratom workers simply cut down kratom trees in borneo, which resulted in loss of jungle, we introduced new harvesting methods, which avoids the destroying the trees, also keep the eco system intact. A lot of harvester realized fast that its more beneficial to harvest kratom leaves from trees carefully, than destroy them. In Borneo there are huge local markets which trade Borneo Kratom. We help to protect the borneo jungle, so in borneo for many decades kratom can grow.

There is a huge pressure from the palm oil industries to cut down the rainforest in borneo to replace it with palm trees. We as kratom community can help the local people there to defend their rainforests, as it creates income for them via kratom harvesting. The high alkaloid content creates a strong aroma which separates itself from other kratom strains.

We take extreme care to ensure all our red kratom are kept in optimal storage conditions and transported as quickly as possible to our warehouse located in the USA. Once the product enters our warehouse, they are processed as a freshly powdered leaf, sterilized and pre-packed in heat-sealed bags to retain freshness. We conduct routine tests on red borneo to ensure against pesticides, heavy metals, microbial bacterial and fungal growth.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our kratom strains within 14 days of receipt. Try our Red Borneo Kratom botanical specimen products today with free shipping in the USA! Orders are processed quickly and efficiently by our experienced customer service team. Order today!

All our borneo kratom is sterilized in the United states, we dont trust any oversea sterilization process for our kratom. Dont forget to store your red borneo the proper way, you should store any kratom in a dry and cold place, best would be to keep your red borneo in an airtight container to keep the kratom fresh and potent for a long time.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

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Top notch affordable high quality Kratom

All the strains I have tried are all top notch at providing excellent chronic and severely acute pain management. If it weren’t for Kratom I would have suffered immensely on numerous occasions as NSAIDS are highly toxic to the body and don’t even come Close to providing the level of pain relief that Kratom offers. This is an excellent, high quality Kratom provider and I highly recommend!

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Always great product, fast shipping, great price.

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Good quality

Very good quality product. Would recommend.

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the best

customers love it

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Red Borneo

Great product! I love it!

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