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Kratoma is the name for Buy Kratom.

We are still the same company offering the best value for money bulk kratom on the Internet. Our products are the same as you would find on our old website and all retail customers will still benefit from our cut-price superior quality kratom.

Kratoma specializes in sourcing the best quality kratom and value for money from South East Asia and bringing it to you at wholesale prices that all customers can afford to buy.

We have been in business for over a decade and take great pride in our efficient customer service and fast shipping, as well as the best priced quality kratom to be found for sale in the US

We believe kratom should be made easily available, which is why we offer kratom in bulk at reasonable prices to bring an affordable product so customers can benefit by buying in larger quantities and stock up, instead of paying much higher prices for smaller amounts of kratom and having to regularly reorder.

Taking care of the environment is one of Kratoma’s core principles, which is why all our kratom products are harvested from mature trees from farmers that practice Sustainable Forest Management. We only use ripe leaves from mature trees that are hand picked by our farmers who have a good eye for the perfect leaf. All our products are 100% organic and we do not mix in other parts of the tree in any of our powders, ensuring the product is not depreciated in quality my mixing it with stalks or stems.

We have built up an excellent relationship with the best kratom farmers in the regions where it grows in South East Asia. We support ethical treatment of farmers.

As well as cheap kratom, we do not compromise on quality, check out this page to find out how we store our kratom and why it is simply the best. We are confident to say Kratoma is the USA’s favourite kratom vendor. We also offer FREE SHIPPING on all our products and we are constantly looking to source new interesting strains at bargain prices.

We hope you like our new look web site. Please have a look around to see the amazing prices on the best quality kratom in the US. If you have any questions, then our customer service team are always happy to help.