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Crushed Leaf - Green Malay


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Our popular Green Malay Kratom, which we normally sell in powdered form, is also available for sale as raw and all natural crushed leaf! Green Malaysian Kratom was the original popular green strain, a premium strain for those who are looking for an in-between the white and red veined strains. 

Harvested in Malaysia for centuries, Green Malay is known to be one of the most popular strains on the market today.

We sell this in the lower quantity of half a kilo (1.1LBS) at just $60 including free US shipping from our USA warehouse.


Grade - 5

Good product

I normally am a red vein enthusiast, this was all that was available and the pain relief was very similar. Good taste with a mildly energizing effect. Good times :)

    Grade - 5

    Good motivating tea

    This tea is the perfect blend of relaxation while being able to carry out tasks energetically!

      Grade - 5

      Exactly what I expected

      I normally buy powdered and wanted something wouldn't fill my stomach like a teaspoon of kratom. So I bought this to fill between doses of the powdered. Not as intense but does exactly as expected. This is the best company that fills orders promptly

        Grade - 5


        I have been thoroughly impressed with both the quality of the Kratom and the vendor Buy-Kratom US. This Green Malaysian crushed leaf is a good strain for me, I tend to nausea rather easy but not with this strain, also I am able to mix it with White MD and still keep my tummy happy. I have CRPS or Sympathatic Reflux Dystrophy from a car wreck i was in along with Fibromyalgia, among other things this causes me severe chronic pain that at times disables me almost completely. The Kratom has helped me regain part of my life...that important to me part of self sufficiency. It keeps my anxiety in control so that my body can relax enough that the pain lessons and I can regain mobility and range in my limbs. What a true miracle herb, a blessing.
        The Green Malay has energy, pain relief, and anxiety control. The energy is enough to get happily through a day even with little sleep.
        I enjoy the crushed leaf because I feel I have more options in how I can use it. And the taste is fresh. I grind it and add to red ruby grapefruit juice and barely notice it's in there, sometimes I mix it with a heavy cacao almond or coconut milk , or I make tea with fresh ginger root, tumeric root pepper and a little lemon.
        My orders have been lighting fast and usually ship out the same day and I receive it in small town Alaska in a few days - awesome!
        I don't but Kratom anywhere else.
        Happy customer here!

          Grade - 5

          crushed green malay

          My order arrived a day early. That was great. It was also very good kratom. I've always been happy with the kratom I have ordered. Thank You

            Grade - 5

            Good stuff

            Perfect to make tea. I used my coffee maker and I have it down to a science now. Like always, awesome product. I love this company!!!

              Grade - 2

              Crushed green Malay

              The kratom in this bag was decent. However there was non-kratom material in this bag as well. I found a few weird blue plastic flakes mixed in and some grains of sand like material. Still, an ok product.

                Grade - 5

                A little peppier than I was expecting.

                I usually stick to red-vein strains but figured I'd branch out and give this one a shot. I like the crushed leaf - much easier to make tea and avoid ingesting all that plant material - but I don't think I've got the dosages figured out correctly for what I need (which is usually help sleeping and general calming). But those are my issues -- the product, as always, is top notch quality and arrived quickly. Can't beat buy-kratom on price, quality, or speed.

                  Grade - 4

                  Quality and service

                  I've ordered bulk several times and never been disappointed. Great quality and fast service.

                    Grade - 4

                    First time user/buyer

                    This was my first time using/buying. After soending hours online reading reviews etc i decided this site would be best. I ordered, it came in 3 days AND best part- I am a chronic pain sufferer who was sick of being stuck in the prison that is painpills this WORKS for pain! At an average dose i found it to be extremely stimulating. At a larger dose it made me tired. Either dose worked very well for my pain! Lot of bang for your buck too! Recommend this for sureeee!

                      Grade - 5


                      I've never been one to brew tea as a method with Kratom, although I have been interested in making tinctures out of this one. Shipping is extremely fast, as promised. Great quality and great quantity for a fraction of the price from any high end retail store.

                        Grade - 5

                        crushed leaf green malay

                        Very good kratom and I trust
                        ( buy kratom us) for quick delivery,,
                        The only on kratom vendor I use now
                        I recommend highly!!!!!!

                          Grade - 5

                          Crushed green malay

                          Came in 2 days. Makes great tea. Great service!

                            Grade - 5

                            Green Malay

                            The product arrived when expected. It has a uniform consistency. It does the trick. I'd order more.

                              Grade - 5


                              Excellent product, love it!!!! Makes best tea :)

                                Grade - 5

                                Great tea

                                This tea is more mild than the Red Maeng Da, but it is still really good. Great quality and fast shipping, we love this website!

                                  Grade - 5

                                  Fresh Ground

                                  I like to grind my own leaf kratom for fresher potency.. This is very nice, works great for arthritic pain. Mellow and mild, no surprises.

                                    Grade - 5

                                    Green malay

                                    Excellent product. Very good price. I will be getting powder next time I accidentally got crushed, but nothing my coffee grinder couldn't fix. Great honest company with great customer service

                                      Grade - 5

                                      Great Product

                                      Great Product at a great price.

                                        Grade - 5

                                        Perfect consistency

                                        This crushed leaf is perfect for tincture

                                          Grade - 5

                                          CRUSHED GREEN MALAY

                                          Yes hi guys.
                                          this GM is a very good batch.
                                          it is a mid level Kratom.
                                          relaxing but not to much. it is stimulating but not to much!.
                                          pain relieving and mood lifting.
                                          the classic GM. i give it 5*.the best part is that it is crushed leaf.
                                          so you can do so much more then you can with a ground product . it's grate fore tea. and i have all ways believed that leaf is more potent then ground pouter. great fore the morning burn a mid day pick up.
                                          give it a try. PS there was no stem material at all in this half Kg.
                                          great work guys please keep it up.

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                                          CRUSHED GREEN MALAY - 500 GRAMS (1.1 LBS)

                                          CRUSHED GREEN MALAY - 500 GRAMS (1.1 LBS)

                                          Crushed Leaf - Green Malay

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