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High quality organic Akuamma Seed Powder


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Reviews Reviews (5)


A Bittersweet surprise!

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The akuamma powder had a shipping mishap, but Katy at Kratoma took care of it really quickly and sent me a replacement with no inconvenience to me, just had to wait for the replacement -no biggie! -The powder had a fresh scent, and was very finely ground to the consistency of flour. I used a small amount the night I got it after having already used my daily dose of kratom that I expected, it was extremely bitter but not any worse than I expected, and I've had cacti...that cacti juice is about the gnarliest slop you can ever chug, let me tell you, and akuamma wasn't nearly that bad! -The first night I tried akuamma, I used about 3g, and it was pleasant, but since I already had some kratom in my attic, I was still curious how it affected me by itself, without any kratom on board. So the next morning I mixed some akuamma powder with some chocolate flavored vegetable/greens powder mix that I had, it did an okay job of disguising the bitter taste...but it was still challenging....I usually chug that vegetable/greens powder quickly anyway so I got it over with very fast. It left a bitter twang in my mouth which I rinsed with water. -About 20 minutes later, the akuamma came on very subtle....there was no huge rush of euphoria, but it was surprisingly pleasant and had very good pain relieving and muscle relaxing effects. It lasted a long time, pretty much all day long. -I also slept VERY well that night, which usually evades me, I have alot of trouble with insomnia but it seemed to help with that. Akuamma does appear to be abit more sedating than kratom, but that might depend on the size of the dose I used that following morning....which was about 5 grams. -I don't recommend anyone starts using akuamma with big doses like that, start small and see how it affects you first! -I can see it is quite potent gram for gram, and too much akuamma could be abit FEEL IT OUT and find your sweet spot! -I'm still doing that, and so far after using it 5 times now, I have no complaints other than it doesn't taste good (so what, that's no big deal!) -To sum up my experiences with it, and give my whole honest opinion, I like akuamma....and I can see it's medicinal use as a potent pain reliever and decent muscle relaxer, as well as providing some sedative and anxiety quelling effects that for me have proven quite valuable. I can see akuamma will grow in popularity once people get to know it better, and for the folks who can't handle the taste, there is always the option of capsules or toss-and-wash, etc.. ---As with anything, do some reading about akuamma and familiarize yourself with it before you jump in with both feet ---Knowledge is power and it will help you have enjoyable, positive experiences with this medicinally intriguing and potent seed.


Do you believe in Magic?

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I forgot to mention to our readers here that I am trying akuamma out of concern that kratom will be banned someday, and I'm intrigued by akuamma being possible occasional replacement.. It would be terrible if kratom got banned, because it has truly been MAGIC for me after a bad car accident in 1986 changed my lie forever, and like so may others...I went down a dark pharmaceutical road of tolerance to the drugs, andfan inevitable slow decline in my physical and emotional health from the surgeries, recoveries.....up, down....up, down....with the pain medications from 1986 to 2008.


Bitter yeah, but sweet!

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I've always said "if you can drink tequila, you can drink anything" -akuamma powder was challenging- but rewarding. -I shook up about4g in a sealed bottle with 10oz of water and a scoop of some chocolate flavored vegetable/greens powder I got from wal-mart. I chug it anyway, so what did I have to lose, right? YES IT WAS BITTER and I noticed it right away, but bitter also means those sweet alkaloids abound, so I chugged with gleeful anticipation like I've heroically done before with huascas and trichocereus and even tequila (sorry, no alkaloids in tequila) About 20 +/- minutes later and the effects of the akuamma powder were evident, I had excellent long lasting analgesia, but I didn't have as much of the full spectrum euphoria or as much of the energizing effect I get from kratom. It seemed to be more relaxing, sedating...perhaps less energizing to me than kratom. This could simply be because I haven't found my "sweet spot" with the dose amount of akuamma powder I need to use....more trails, research, and experience is needed and I'll be back with another review when I've used it some more and tried different dosing. Today was the first time I tried it in place of my daily morning kratom, and I use a pretty good sized scoop(S) ha ha ha -so I was pleasantly surprised to find that akuamma could replace my kratom for pain relief that lasts all day. I had tried a little yesterday afternoon, after I had already used kratom earlier that morning, and last night I slept really good, which is a rare thing for me. So maybe akuamma is the "evening kratom" for me? -we'll see!!! -I'mm gonna keep researching, and I'll be back with more reviews in the future.



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I'm sure this stuff is great but both times I tried it I was disgusted. I can't say that it doesn't work only that I don't like it.



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Beyond bitter! I haven’t gotten a full chance to test it out as I haven’t taken the time to capsule the powder (tea was too bitter). I will leave as 4* until I can get a better sense of it, but excited to see other items available

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