Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

FAQs about kratom powder

Exactly where do we transport from?

All of the orders will be shipped out from our U.S. storage facilities.

Do you conduct laboratory evaluations?

Yes, our materials are evaluated frequently for heavy metals, chemicals and efficacy. 

When will restock be easily available?

We will publish restock updates on the frontpage of our website.

Do you transport on Saturday?

No. Your orders will be shipped out on Monday.

Do you offer an express solution?


Do we ship to Canada?

We do not ship to Canada at this time. Please check back frequently.

Do you offer support over phone or a call-back service?

No. We do not offer any kind of support over phone. We will also never ask you for any kind of private data or credit-card number over the phone.

Do you provide free samples?


The item I have gotten does not look similar to on the photos on your website. Is this an error?

Please be assured that our warehouse labels all strains properly. The images on our website are illustrations only and may not demonstrate the precise same color as the item you receive.

Do we resell returned items? For a cheaper price?

No. Opened return-items won't be offered again because of our quality-regulations.

Do we have a physical store or a pickup location?


Do we ship in discrete packaging?

Yes, and the return address is marked as "Shipping Department".

Do we provide a discount on higher quantity orders?

Discounts will be applied automatically in your cart, if offered.

Do we provide lab-results.

No, we do not release our lab-results to public since every batch is specific. Please be assured that all of our products experience through stringent control procedures, in order to evaluate its quality and make certain stable and greatest possible product criteria. We advise you to buy a sample pack to evaluate out any products before making a larger sized purchase.

What is this email from shipping easy?

Our shipping is coordinated via shipping easy. Your tracking information will come in an email from shipping easy. We don't keep an eye on the automatic shipping emails, so if you have a concern about your goods, please drop us an email on our website.

I placed my order on Thursday, but it's Monday and I don't have my tracking yet. Why is this?

This can be due to a couple of reasons. Your order may already be shipped but the automatic email process in some way slows down on Saturday and Sunday, which most probably has something to do with the postal tracking system updating on the weekend. It can also be that the possible 24-48 hr dispatch time has overlapped with the weekend. Fear not, you will receive your tracking and your package very soon.

May I use a account?

No, we ask that when you register with our site to please use another mail server, as accounts are not compatible with our system, and we will not get those emails.

Are there non-shipping related charges when ordering from outside of the USA?

Yes, there may be customs taxes and duties when ordering from outside of the USA. It is the obligation of the buyer to figure out if there will be any extra charges, and also the obligation of the buyer to pay any such charges. It is not up to us to determine whether or not there will be any duties or taxes, nor are we liable for paying any of these extra charges.