Quality Control

Our Kratom quality

As always, we continue to strive and deliver the best possible Kratom experience and product to you. 

We have significantly increased the quality of our product as well as our ability to track each and every batch of product from the source of origin to our warehouses. We now track every single package back to it's home of origin in Indonesia.

We are currently making between 50 - 100 lab tests on every metric ton of kratom product. We are testing for contaminations and quality issues. If any contaminations are found, the entire batch is then sent to uv treatment, which is the best way to kill any bacteria on live matter, the leaves in this case. That batch is then tested again for verification.

Every package a customer receives is double sealed, one-time vacuum packed, then again packed from source to our warehouses with a protective zipper pouch layer.

Each batch has it's own batch number and with this batch number we are able to trace the specific kratom product to each specific supplier, and from supplier to the specific farmer. To be clear, everything is now tracked from farm to table, as they say. Each batch number also corresponds with the lab testing.

We are not aware of anybody else in the industry who has enacted as stringent standards.