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The Kratom from Bali is one of the oldest strains on the kratom market.
Back in the 2000s, there was no Maeng Da Kratom, this Kratom was the best the market had to offer.

We love our Kratom, this kratom strain is very solid. Its a must have for any kratom lover.

Red Bali Kratom is a perfect evening kratom strain, as White Kratom is perfect for the morning. Both kratom strains work very well together as well. We think its important to try out different kratom strains.

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On of our first suppliers of Kratom was based in Bali. You had to buy kratom local and then ship it personally to Europe or USA. Lucky for us the kratom industry has changed, and sourcing Kratom became easier and easier over the years. The bigger challenge for kratom nowadays is, to keep the quality high, and make sure its clean kratom product.

As side note we sterlize all our kratom products in the United States, as Kratom is grown far away from the States, and sea cargo shipping takes a long time.

Red Bali Kratom is by far the most popular sale of the Kratom strains from Bali, this red kratom, as long history, the white kratom which is white kratom, we added much later to our kratom selection. When we talk about red or white kratom, we speaking about the veins on the back of the kratom leaf.

Lets talk a little bit about this specific kratom strain, as the name says it comes from Bali, but in Bali there is no rainforest left so all kratom is grown in private kratom farms. We call this plantation kratom, believe or not this a very unique for kratom, as most kratom is still harvested wild in the jungles of south east asia.  There is not really any benefit over plantation kratom, usually the kratom trees are not that old, but as this trees get lot care of local kratom farmers, it tends to have a more stable alkaloid build up. We dont carry the green kratom right now, as we dont like the qualities which are on the kratom market right now. This might change in future, but for now we only offer this two kratom strains.

The kratom tree is an evergreen tree, which grow mostly only in rainforests. Local people harvest the leaves from the kratom tree for us, all kratom leaves are hand picked, so the kratom trees dont harmed. After this all kratom leaves get collected, and will be transported for drying. Drying Kratom usually is a mix of outdoor and indoor drying. The dried kratom then gets sterilized in the origin country, when our kratom arrives in the United States once again it gets sterilized.

Please note all our kratom products come with fast and free shipping.
We love kratom the same way you guys do, so your customer support is very dedicated, we really stand behind all our kratom strains, we test all kratom strains, as we also sterilize every batch of kratom we sale on this website. Feel safe when buying kratom with us.

Please also store your kratom the right way, put your kratom in an airtight box, then store this kratom box somewhere where its dark , dry and cold.
Never store your kratom in the fridge.  This way your kratom will stay fresh and potent for a long time.

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