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Idea about best kratom was born, as we see most costumers tend to buy the Maeng Da Kratom strains, and we would like to present you 3 very special kratom strains.

We decided to choose 3 kratom strains we personally like a lot.
We did not choose any Maeng Da , as this kratom is too popular.

So for the red kratom we choose to go for red hulu as our best kratom, as we liked this kratom as it lasts longer than other red ones. The  green malay was an easy choice for us as we believe this is the best green kratom you can get hands on. Period.  The yellow vietnam, is such an interesting unique kratom strain, so it deserves to be on our list for best kratom. So thats our Top 3 for of best kratom from :).

As you see we did not choose any white kratom, as we believe the yellow vietnam is very near to a white kratom strain.

All our kratom is  ethically farmed or harvested, we support the local rainforest in south east asia , which most kratom trees grow. Most kratom still wild harvested, only very little kratom is plantation kratom.

We want to remind you that we sterilize all our kratom in the United States, as all kratom orders come with free & fast shipping.

After you received your kratom from us, you have to store kratom proper.
Put your kratom in an airtight container, then store this kratom in dry & dark place. If you keep your kratom at a cold place as well, kratom will stay fresh and potent for a long time. Dont store your kratom in the fridge!

Dont forget all our kratom products come with free and fast shipping.
If you dont agree with our kratom choices here, why not check out our whole kratom range, we carry with Flavourz | Kratom.