Borneo Kratom

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Borneo Kratom is one of the oldest Kratom strains on the this market.
Its also a very broad term for kratom, as borneo is a huge island in indonesia, where most of the kratom comes nowadays.

At you will find three different strains of Kratom – Red vein Kratom, White Kratom and Green vein Kratom. These name refer to the color of the strong, fibrous central vein in the fresh Kratom leaf.

We offer White Borneo Kratom, Red Borneo  & Green Borneo . All this kratom strains come from the same trees, it depends on the season and age of the kratom leaf, to get this different vein colors.

So how do we get different kratom colors you may ask? The answer is simple. Kratom leaves are sorted by vein color from the same kratom strain. Kratom Leaves may be sorted by age on the same Kratom tree, or they may be sorted from different Kratom trees displaying a majority of one leaf color. The sorting may not be an exact science. Most growers probably do not meticulously sort every single leaf. This could also be another reason for variation in the final powder color or why you may spot some different colored  kratom veins in a batch of crushed kratom leaf. But the principle is that the younger kratom leaves have a lighter color with a different alkaloid profile than the older leaves. By separating in this manner, you can obtain different kratom products from the same group of trees.

We use the same supplier for our Borneo Kratom since years,  Our green borneo kratom and white borneo kratom is harvested in the same area of the borneo jungle. The red strain, we get from a different place in Borneo, as the quality of this kratom is far supreme to regular borneo kratom.

White Borneo Kratom is one of our bestsellers. Its in our top five list of all our kratom products we offer. We are very product to carry this high quality of white borneo kratom.

Dont forget all our kratom comes with free and fast shipping.

You should always store your kratom proper, best way to put your kratom in an airtight containers, then store this kratom container in dark and dry place. So you kratom stays fresh and potent for a long time