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Buy Horned Kratom with Flavourz | Kratom, keep reading to find out why this Kratom is so special to us.

The horned kratom strain is not so well known in the kratom industry. Only in recent years it came again available for the kratom market.

Its not very popular compared to the maeng da kratom strains, but infact horned kratom, is very similar to this very popular strain. If you like Maeng Da Kratom, you should definitely try that kartom strain too.

Anyhow, we only carry from this kratom strain, red vein  kratom and white vein kratom. We tested the green kratom from horned and did not like it enough to put it on our website. Maybe that will change in future. But for now we only offer this 2 kratom strains from  this kratom series.

Kratom is an evergreen tree, this kratom tree grows predominately in the rain forests of South East Asia, only a very few places have kratom plantations, most of the kratom is still wild harvested.

The kratom color is partly dependent from genetics, but also the age of the kratom leaf (not the tree) which determines the color. Young kratom leaves are red and change to green kratom as they mature. When the kratom leaf dries up it turns yellow and eventually brown, until it is shed. The color of kratom also depends on environment, how much light and how much rain the kratom tree gets. The conclusion is, most tree variations produce all three „strains“, some only white kratom and red kratom.

Dont forget we sterilize all our kratom products in the United States.
We thinks its very important that all kratom gets sterilized, we dont trust the local sterilization process of kratom in Indonesia.

We also offer free & fast shipping on all our kratom orders.

You always should store your kratom in an airtight container. This container you should store, at a dry and cool place. Dont store your kratom in the fridge. To keep your kratom fresh and potent for long time, put it in a dark place as well. Sunlight can hurt the potency of dried kratom leaves.

Dont be shy, and browser over our wide selection of kratom products, you will find your favourite kratom strain for sure.