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Thai Kratom is a Kratom strain, which you cannot get the hands on easy,
keep on reading to find out, why exactly this Kratom is so hard to get to you.

This Kratom strain originally comes from Thailand. We offer from this Kratom in red Kratom, white Kratom and green Kratom. The color, refers to the veins of the Kratom leaves. Usually every Kratom tree, is able to create all this vein colors. For Kratom trees it mostly depends on the age, season as weather conditions. Its seems that from this Kratom strain, the green Kratom is very potent.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree found in South East Asia that is genetically related to coffee. Unlike coffee, it is the leaves of the Kratom plant that has effects on the nervous system. Exactly this effects made Kratom so popular over the recent years.

Historically Kratom was used a lot in Thailand, it was very common for the farmers as also monks in temple to chew on Kratom, to keep up with the hard labour work. But Kratom was banned in Thailand in beginning of 20th history, ironically to push further the legal opium sales in their own country. Until today Kratom was not made legal again, but it was several times positive discussed to change the outdated Kratom law in Thailand.

As recent time ago Cannabis was legalized, its to hope that Kratom will follow very soon. We will monitor the situation and update you as soon we have any Kratom news for your from this country.

So its also very easy to understand that you cannot find that easy Kratom in Thailand. You cannot purchase Kratom in thailand in the public, very few provinces tolerate Kratom, most of Thailand is predominately Buddhism, interesting is that the provinces which have most Muslim followers, also tend to allow Kratom in their provinces. Its simply as Muslims in Thailand used Kratom historically instead of alcohol. Also Thai parents would prefer their future husband of her daughter, would be married to a farmer which took Kratom instead of Cannabis, as the story goes that Kratom users are much harder workers than Cannabis users.

We are lucky enough to have a small group of Thai farmers, which are able to deliver high quality Kratom to us. This is not any mass Kratom, its hand picked and with a lot of love grown. This evergreen Kratom tree, loves the southern parts of Thailand, where the weather is very hot and humid. You will not find this kratom trees in the jungle either anymore in Thailand, as the police & military cut down most of the trees. As Bali Kratom, this is plantation Kratom. Sadly Kratom is not found really in the wild anymore in Thailand.

Nowadays Kratom is usually used in Thailand from Security guards and motorbike taxi driver. You will not find her dried Kratom powder, all Kratom is consumed fresh. The locals chew on their Kratom for hours.

There is also a quiet popular Kratom drink on the black market, which is a mix out of an energy drink and Kratom Extract.

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