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Everybody knows nowadays the Maeng Da Kratom strains.


Our Green Maeng Da  Powder is one of our most popular products, and its truly one of the kind kratom strain. Green Maeng Da Kratom is a prefect mixer strain for any other red or white kratom.

Green Maeng Da  is a sub type of the highly popular Maeng Da Kratom Powder. Grown in the remote regions of Thailand, Maeng Da means “Pimp Grade” and is known for its high quality and alkaloid content on the local market. Maeng Da Kratom gained huge popularity over the past few years. As most kratom beginners tend to choose this kratom strain. Only later on it seems costumers start to try other kratom strains.

Thailand offers some of the best growing conditions for Kratom. Although it used to be incredibly rare, Green Maeng Da is now one of the most popular strains available. This maeng da strain is harvested by hand from the most mature green vein trees on the land.

Green Vein Maeng Da is often said to be one of the strongest Kratoms available with the highest alkaloid content. It is also considered one of the highest quality grades of Kratom available. This Maeng Da strain is known for its dark colored leaves that turn bright green when it is crushed, which the reason it got its name. This maeng da is also known for its powerful and distinct odor. Once these leaves are ground, it becomes a wonderful Green Maeng Da  Powder. Many people prefer to mix this strain with the red kratom or white kratom strains.

Green Maeng Da, as the name says comes from our maeng da series of kratom. The story goes that green maeng da, the name was given in Thailand for very potent kratom. This story is a myth, the name maeng da was introduced by international vendors long time ago.
It simply states that this Kratom strain is very strong and potent. But would you go to Thailand directly and ask local farmers or people about Maeng da Kratom, you would not find it anywhere. In Thailand all kratom is simply traded as Kratom. In netherlands later on, some maeng da trees were verified because of their spiked leaf form, but again that has no botanical backround, it simply was given the name.

So in short, kratom what is labelled as maeng da, means its a very potent kratom strain. That why also this kratom strain, is so popular with most customers. This kratom strains usually making up to 50%+ of all kratom sales.  We also dont charge any premium for this kratom strains, as a lot of other vendors do, as we believe fair pricing over all kratom strains, and not sell some kratom for a premium because its simply more popular. We are happy to offer you this green kratom, we hope you will enjoy this kratom strain same as we do.

We only offer the highest quality Kratom available. We also work hard to bring kratom to you at reasonable and affordable prices. Be sure to check out some of our other best-selling strains of Kratom as well. We always enhance our kratom knowledge, putting a lot of time and money into kratom research as well. We simply love everything what is related to Kratom.

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Dont forget to store your kratom in dark & dry space. Best way to keep kratom fresh and potent, is to seal your kratom in an airtight container.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

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