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Thai Kratom is renowned for the green kratom veins which are clearly visible on its leaves.

Predominantly originating and cultivated in Thailand, it is a very popular and sought after strain of Kratom , with some buyers refusing to deviate from this strain. Our Thai Kratom is powdered leaf, freshly harvested and ultra-fine.

Our Green Thai is powdered leaf, freshly harvested and ultra-fine. We work with the indigenous tribes throughout South-East Asia. These tribes work with the Kratom trees in a sustainable and ethical manner and have an eye for the perfect leaves. Unlike most Kratom sources, we only source from trees at the ripe age with the highest alkaloid content.

Green vein kratom strains, named so because they have a green vein on the back of the leaf. There are several different green vein kratom strains that have different alkaloid contents and properties. Generally, green strains are seen as a mix between white and red veined kratom.

So, what about the green Kratom? Well, this particular kratom strain has the advantage of being a combination of the white kratom and red kratom strains, which makes it the ideal choice for both new and experienced users. Green Thai is a very well balanced green kratom strain.

As all our thai kratom,  also the the green thai, is not a kratom strain which can be found easy. In Thailand, kratom is very restricted, only the southern thai people in some provinces are allowed to plant kratom. The government regular cuts down kratom trees all over Thailand.  So we are happy to be able to of this thai kratom. This green kratom is very unique kratom strain, you should really give this kratom one time a try.
Its not as well known as other kratom strains, but its worth it to give this thai strain a chance.

Try our always-fresh Green Thai Kratom today! We offer all our kratom to a very affordable price, as every kratom is very high quality.

For your safety all our kratom products are sterilized in the United States. Feel safe to shop with us, as always we have free and fast shipping with all of orders.

Like most herbs, Kratom is prone to oxidation and getting stale. This can possibly lead to losing its potency.
There are four things to consider when storing Kratom powder and leaves:

Keep your kratom in airtight containers
Kratom must kept on a dry and dark place.
And last but not least keep your thai kratom in a cool place as well.

We stand behind our kratom products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, as check our kratom faq if you have any further questions.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

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