Red Horned Kratom

1KG - 2.2 LBS

1 KG – 2.2 LBS


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Red Horn is one of our favourite Kratom strains, it gets it name from the horned leaf.

Our red horned kratom is very similar to our so popular  red maeng da kratom. Red Horn is an amazing alternative if you like red kratom strains.

So if you love the red maeng da kratom strains, you really should checkout this horned kratom. If you are more a white strain person, why not try  our White Horned Kratom. Sometimes its really good idea to mix up your strains, to keep tolerance down.

Red Horned Kratom or Red Horn Kratom gets its name from its horned leaf form. Hand-harvested at its peak ripe in order to ensure high product quality and professional processing. We support the sustainable and ethical treatment of Kratom trees and workers. We stand behind our products with perfect quality and potency! Always fresh, high alkaloid red horn.

Red Horn Kratom is a startling bright red in color, something which visually sets it aside from other red veined Kratom.

At you will find three different strains of Kratom – White-veined, Green-veined and Red-veined. These name refer to the color of the strong, fibrous central vein in the fresh leaf. This red horn, as the name says already is red vein.

The color is partly dependent from genetics, but also the age of the horned leaf (not the tree) which determines the color. Young horned leaves are red and change to green as they mature. When the horned leaf dries up it turns yellow and eventually brown, until it is shed. The color also depends on environment, how much light and how much rain the tree gets. Red Horn is usually found only in the wild jungle near river banks.

The conclusion is, most tree variations produce all three „strains“, some only white kratom and green kratom. But as older a kratom tree gets the more red vein kratom it will produce. Red Horn is one of the special red veins out there. Why dont give it a try and find out for yourself about this amazing red horn kratom strain.

We sterilize all our kratom products in the United States, we believe its results in better quality, then when its done overseas.

Please always store all your kratom products in a dry and dark place. For long freshness and potency of your kratom powder you might want to use an airtight container as well.

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