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We offer high quality kratom our Maeng Da Kratom is finely powdered. This Meang Da is the red kratom. Maeng Da Kratom is one of our bestsellers on

Why choose Red Maeng Da?

Sometimes referred to as the chief among all kratom strains, the Maeng Da Kratom is ever since our best-selling item! Not only that this kratom strain is one of our most popular strains, our Maeng Da products have the highest potency and the best possible quality, this kratom praised for the many advantages. This kratom strain is known for having a powerful and distinct odor. When you order kratom from us, America’s Best Kratom Wholesaler, there’s a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

What does “Maeng Da” mean?

Maeng Da (Mitragyna speciosa) aka Kratom means “Pimp Grade” and stands for the best possible quality and alkaloid content on the market. Our kratom leaves are hand-picked in order to harvest at its best ripe and perfect quality. The kratom leaves from this particular tree have the distinctive red veins on the back of the kratom leaf, hence why they are known as red strains. We support the sustainable and ethical treatment of the Kratom trees and all local workers. Kratom is well known for its properties in Asia, our Kratom is sterilized at the origin country, as soon our Kratom arrives in the United States, it is one more time sterilized.

Where does Red Maeng Da originate?

Maeng Da originates at its country of origin, Thailand in South-East Asia. However, when you order kratom from us it will ship directly from our U.S. warehouses. This kind of Kratom is grown in Indonesia and in Thailand. The biggest Kratom producer right now is Indonesia.
It has one of the biggest rain-forests left in Asia, and along the river banks in this jungles a lot of old Kratom trees grow. Dont be fooled 90% of all Kratom on the market comes from Rainforests and Jungles. Only a very small part of Kratom is farmed, which we would call Plantation Kratom. Most popular Kratom strain you might know which is 100% farmed Kratom, is our Bali Kratom.

We support local communities harvesting and growing Kratom. Its important to give this people support, so they can protect and nourish the Kratom trees. In recent years this rain forests are under threat, as the palm oil industry tries to make place for their palm trees. Kratom trees are a vital part of the eco system in the Borneo jungle. So its vital we help to protect this beautiful trees. Lesser jungle means lesser Kratom on the market. So with buying kratom, you indirectly also support the local communties there, which protect the rain forests in their areas.

Buying Red Vein Maeng Da in bulk is the best way to save money and get quality Kratom! Beware of rip-off vendors and kratom labeled as “premium” and priced over $200+/kg. Read our many reviews to see what people are saying after they order kratom from America’s Best Kratom Wholesaler!

Thanks to fast processing, we at Buy-Kratom, American’s Best Kratom Wholesaler, are able to guarantee advantages in excellence quality Kratom and freshness! We adhere to strict quality controls, we only offer highest quality kratom for sale with high alkaloid content for the best value in the USA – 14 days 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our products today!

There are three leaf types in the Maeng Da Kratom strain which are the green kratom, white kratom and red kratom. The Maeng Da Kratom is considered chief among these! Ever since this strain is our top-selling  kratom strain.

All our Kratom is sterilized in the United States, to keep you and our Kratom products safe.

Dont forget to store your Kratom in dry & dark place. For long lasting potency and freshness we suggest you pack your Kratom in an airtight container. Keep this container full of kratom in a cool place as well. Why not try out one of our kratom products today ?

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

The Maeng Da is considered chief among all kratom strains!

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