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In terms of popularity, Red Thai is one of the leading strains of red Kratom in the marketplace today.

Our Red Thai Kratom products have the best possible quality and high alkaloid content.

It is the presence of different and often unique chemical compounds that are contained in the stems, veins, and midrib of the leaves which determines the color and variety of the different Kratom strains. In our case here we talking about Red Thai Kratom.

These compounds are formed as a result of genetic and environmental factors related to where they grow. Red Thai trees traditionally produce a higher yield than the white or green varieties, with a further advantage being that the trees which produce Red Thai Kratom are much more resilient to environmental factors than other kratom strains. This red kratom is a very potent strain, most likely more than the green thai kratom. 

Red Kratom strains are usually best sellers, they are prefered kratom vein color from most customers. So if you like red vein kratom, you most likely love our new red thai.

Our red Kratom leaves are carefully handpicked to ensure they are harvested at their peak of potency.
All our kratom products are 100% certified organic and sustainable. All Red Thai is harvested from plantation kratom farms, you cannot find Red Thai in the native jungles of Thailand anymore. Treating our local workers with respect and the highest ethical standards assures the best quality Kratom  on the market.

We are incessantly working to improve our quality, optimize storage and shipping conditions and enhance your experience with us.

All our Thai kratom comes with fast and free shipping. If you have any questions why not check our faq or contact our friendly support team.

We sterilize all our kratom products in the United states, not like some other vendors which choose to trust the sterilization process if any in the origin country. Even if this processes were proper done in the origin countries, Kratom takes a long time via seacargo to arrive in the United States. To guarantee  a sterilized product, sterilization in the USA is a must.

Dont forget to store your Red Thai in a dry and dark place. An airtight container, will keep  Thai Kratom fresh and potent for a long time.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

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