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White Borneo Kratom, has as most strains red, white & green veins. The Borneo Kratom we talk about now is  the White Borneo.

Our White Borneo Kratom is a freshly powdered leaf with amazing quality.

All our white borneo kratom is sterilized in the United States, each of our products come with their own batch number for your peace in mind.
Borneo Kratom, is by far the biggest amount of kratom on the market. Any kratom which comes from Borneo, can be basically labelled Borneo Kratom. Our White Borneo, we always get from the same area in the Borneo rain forest. This way we can easier control the quality of this Kratom.

Harvested at its best ripe in order to ensure best product quality and professional processing. We support the sustainable and ethical treatment of Kratom trees and workers in Borneo. Hand-picked for perfect quality and potency from trees at the ripe age with the highest alkaloid content.Try our always-fresh white Borneo products today!

The island of Borneo is the largest island of Asia. Ideal climate conditions are the reason for highest quality borneo kratom leaves! Borneo is famous to be the world largest exporter of kratom and is being used by natives since thousands of years!

Known as one of the most useful strains of the powdered Mitragyna Speciosa plant in borneo, the Borneo Kratom is one of the more popular strains to be found online and in shops nowadays. Many people name it as one of the favorites that they have so far.
The kratom name comes from kratom plant leaves which are seen to have white veins that run down the middle of its leaves.

Please store all your kratom in dark and dry space. Like most herbs, kratom is prone to oxidation, so better keep your kratom in an airtight container.
To keep your kratom fresh and potent, dont store kratom in in any fridge. Kratom is a herb, you usually dont store you spices either in the fridge.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

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