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White Horned Kratom, is very similar to the popular Maeng Da strains.

So if you like white maeng da kratom, you will love our white horned kratom as well.

White Horned Kratom, is one of the most recent strains of Kratom to hit the market and is still relatively hard to come by as it is extremely rare. The popularity is this strain however continues to rise, which further exacerbates the supply problem. This strain of Kratom is grown and harvested in Borneo but in very limited volume.

As with most Kratom, the reason it gets its name is directly related to specific characteristics of the leaves from which the Kratom is derived. The leaves that produce white horned kratom have spikes that look like little horns, hence the name. This Kratom is very high in alkaloids, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

Ethically sourced from our farmers in South-East Asia who harvest only from mature trees when the conditions are perfect and ripe.

Our White Horned Kratom is powdered leaf, freshly harvested and ultra-fine.

Try our always-fresh White Horned Kratom today!

Proper storage of kratom is very important, please make sure you store it in a dry and dark place, so it stays fresh and potent.

We recommend the use of small plastic bags that are airtight and able to hold water, like freezer bags.
Depending on the size of the bags, measure one or two doses of Kratom powder oder crushed leaves from your purchase from buy-kratom.us.

As every product on our page, all our kratom products will be sterilized in the United States, then proper packed and labelled, as soon you order we will ship it out usually within 1 day, with fast & free shipping. If you should have any questions , take time and check out our faq page, as if still any questions remains, why not contact our support team.


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