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This Thai strain is a lively and hard to come by strain of kratom, our thai kratom is powdered leaf, freshly harvested and ultra-fine.

We work with the Indigenous tribes throughout South-East Asia. These tribes work with the Kratom trees in a sustainable and ethical manner and have an eye for the perfect kratom leaves. Unlike most Kratom sources, we only source from trees at the ripe age with the highest alkaloid content.
The thai quality of our kratom is very high, as its from small farmers in Thai. All this kratom leaves, are harvested in small batches.
For white kratom leaves there is no mass harvesting as for other kratom leaves.

In general kratom from Thailand is hard to come by, out of the laws regarding kratom, as the limited supply. Not many places are allowed to grow kratom, its mostly reduce to the south parts of Thailand, as there kratom is kinda legal out of the religious believes there. Recently Cannabis was made legal, and its discussed the recent years to legalize Kratom once again. So lets hope that in Thailand, there will be better time for Kratom soon. As Kratom is still very popular under the native population.

Try our always-fresh White Kratom Powder today for the best value kratom for sale on the internet. We only offer real Thai Kratom,

It will come as no surprise to anyone with even a mild interest in Kratom, that this strain is grown and cultivated in Thailand.  With that being said, some farmers are now growing and cultivating Thai Kratom in other areas of South East Asia, thanks to the demand for the product.

The leaf from which this Kratom is derived is a stunning bright green in color, in fact, this is one of the main characteristics of this strain. This is another type of Kratom which has high levels of alkaloids. This thai kratom strain, can easy compete with any maeng da kratom. Most strains in thai are called maeng da kratom anyhow, so this kratom strains are very similar to each other. If you like white maeng da kratom, you should give this white kratom a chance.

Kratom trees reaches a height from twenty up to fourty metres, which is slightly taller than other kratom strains. The trunk is mostly straight, reaches a diameter up to 0,9 metre and has a grey, smooth surface. Kratom trees grow near river banks, as its an evergreen tree. Kratom trees are very important to stop rivers from flooding the mainland. As explained above, nowadays you only find kratom tree in thailand, in small plantations. The Farmers grow only a very small amount of kratom trees.

Real white thai kratom is not easy found anymore nowadays, as the Thai government, outlawed kratom long time ago. There are only a few areas where it can be found or grown. Most of it is deep into the rainforest.

Please be aware, we sterilize every kratom strain, when it arrives in the United States. We dont trust oversea sterilization methods for kratom, as also it takes a long time until kratom arrives in the United States. Also store your kratom  in a dark and cool place. Best would be to put all your  Thai kratom in an airtight container. Kratom should not be put into the fridge.

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