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Yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of our more unique strains, as the name suggest from Vietnam.

We carry proudly this kratom strain since several years. Yellow Vietnam Kratom is on of our in-house most popular ones.

Although Kratom plants are typically grown and harvested in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia, the Yellow Vietnam Kratom has become increasingly popular in the last few years. To produce a high quality Kratom plant the weather conditions must be optimal. Vietnam provides the perfect environment for Kratom plants to flourish. Due to the high amount of rainfall, humidity, and mineral rich soil this kratom strain has superior quality compared to other plants. Even with its high quality this particular strain is incredibly affordable and considered relatively cheap Kratom.  Our Kratom is always freshly harvested at the peak time to ensure the highest possible quality. Thanks to these activities, we are able to offer fair pricing for our Kratom to our customers.

The Yellow Vietnam Kratom is unusual, special, distinctive, and much sought after. It has quickly gained popularity in the United States and is one of our popular kratom product. Th yello vietnam strain gets its yellow color from being partially fermented and dried with an elaborate technique. This kratom strain is known for its high quality and alkaloid content. We aim to find the highest quality kratom. Do to the Vietnam origins, this strain can contain up to 25% more alkaloids than Kratom trees grown in other regions.

Vietnam is not very well known for Kratom, the locals call this kratom stain, simply yellow kratom. Yellow Vietnam is given once again by Vendors oversea. General speaking in Vietnam does not grow a lot of kratom, so we are proud to be able to offer this yellow kratom strain to you. As Vietnam does not have a vibrant kratom community, this kratom can be hard to be sourced.

Interesting part for kratom from Thailand is, that we also tested red vietnam and green vietnam, and we did not like it enough to put this kratom strains on our website. The white vietnam was pretty good kratom, but its impossible for us to get enough stock on hands of this kratom. So we decided for now, we will only offer this kratom strain from Thailand.

As always , this yellow kratom strain also comes with fast & free shipping directly to your door step.

Dont forget to store your kratom proper, Yellow Vietnam or any kratom should be stored in a dry and dark place. To keep it fresh store your kratom in cold place as well, but dont put your kratom into the fridge.

Please be informed we sterilize all our kratom products in the United States, so you feel safe to order this yellow kratom, or any other kratom from our site.

Still not sure? Check out these kratom product reviews to see what people are saying about this vietnam strain or take a look at our FAQ page to get a better understanding of Kratom and its benefits.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

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