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We are proud to provide superior quality, all-natural red Bali kratom. Bali kratom strains are quiet special, as the real red bali kratom, comes from kratom plantations only.



The Red Bali Kratom is said to have some similarities with the Red Borneo strain, and the Red Bali is rich in the alkaloid 7-hydroxmitragynine.

The red vein is a very popular choice online, so we hope this bali kratom you guys will like as well. We are proud to provide superior quality, all-natural red Bali kratom . We promise consistent quality kratom with all our red kratom due to our industry leading quality control process. Our red Bali kratom products are sterilized immediately once we receive them.

Bali Kratom Powder is 100% nature, you will not find any impurities, additives, fillers or pathogens in any of our products. We dont give our Kratom fance names as elephant, gold standard or jongkong. We try to keep it simple for everybody.

Red Bali is known for its high alkaloid content, the strength level is very comparable to red maeng da kratom. Users reported which had higher tolerance, as their body got used to Red Meang Da Kratom, it helped consumers to switch to Red Bali Kratom. Its a good balance to rotate different kratoms strains.

Kratom users reported to us, that red bali kratom, seems to improve the mood, as in addition also relieves them from discomfort and gives them an higher well-being than other strains. Everyone has different feelings, so you might have other results. As always start with low doses. Anyone can enjoy Kratom with our amazing prices.

The bali kratom is then stored in pre-packed heat-sealed packages. These packages are then placed in airtight, humidity controlled and temperature controlled storage systems.

We guarantee that the final red bali kratom will be satisfactory, so if there are any issues with the quality with our bali kratom, please get into contact with us within 14 days of receiving the package. With all our kratom products we have 14 return policy. We are committed to all our kratom products.

Bali kratom strains are quiet special, as the real red bali kratom, comes from kratom plantations only, most other kratom is harvested wild. One benefit of plantation kratom is, that our red bali boost a strong alkaloid build up. Kratom trees have evergreen leaves, it takes around 2-3 years before you can harvest any red bali leaves from this kratom trees. kratom bali as a lot of benefits, the maturity of the leaves have a similar alkaloids build up, as most bali kratom is grown in similar soil as in the same region.

Also the purity from farmed Kratom is better, so this strains is a good option also. You will not find red bali kratom in malaysia or anywhere else in southeast asia, than in Indonesia. The kratom we have for sale we buy from the same plantation since over 10 years. The effects & properties are very similar with each batch we receive from our supplier. After our research of hundreds of red  vein kratom which are called bali, and decided to stay with this variety. We felt like it has lesser side effects, as also seems to have a little uptick in euphoria. As always start with a lower dosage. Malaysian Red Bali can be very nice quality as well, but its very hard to get the hands on it.

Always keep in mind the different types of kratom, there is a huge differences in the varieties, also called strain colors.
To find out more about your needs or to find the right alternative, check out our specific kratom blog for it. 

There are a lot of different Red Bali strains on the market from untraceable origins, please make your research, this strain is a good example, of huge quality issues, as its not so easy to get hands on it. Also be aware that the name, has Bali in it, but fact is that in Bali no kratom is grown, its a very popular tourist island, there are more profitable options for locals to earn money than to grow kratom. The origin of the name is simply branding nothing else, Bali is known in the world as a tropical island. Most plantations are infact in the sumatra region.

The potency from bali kratom leaves will grow slowly over the years, thats why plantation of kratom is so time consuming. It takes a lot of time and dedication to grow amazing bali kratom. The kratom farmers have to take a lot of dedication and time to grow strong kratom trees. Carefully harvesting of bali kratom leaves is a must, our farmers pick only the kratom leaves from the tree, with a lot of experience they can rip of most of the big kratom veins, when harvesting fresh kratom leaves. But this factors make this strain so interesting. We dont carry yellow bali kratom as it does not exist on the market.

Our bali red kratom is regularly tested for metals, pesticides, and potency as all our kratom products. If you have any inquiries about our testing procedures, please contact our friendly support team.

Our kratom packages are shipped with plain packaging and the return address is marked as “Shipping Department.” If you have any questions about purchasing red bali kratom please refer to our strictly enforced policies now.

We sterilize all our kratom products in the United States. Our sterilize process is in-house to reduce risk. So you dont have to worry when ordering red bali or any other kratom we keep highest standards for your satisfaction. To keep your kratom fresh and potent, we suggest to store bali kratom in a dry and dark place. Best way would be to put into a airtight box to enjoy your kratom for a long time.

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We have free & fast shipping on all our kratom products. So why not go ahead and order one of your favorite kratom strain. You may also be interested in trying out our Red Maeng Da Kratom. Or look at this location for everything in the Red Kratom categories. All type of orders from our shop are shipped out within 24 hours. Also check out our kratom capsules.

Please check our faq if you have any questions, if you dont find your answer there please contact our friendly support team. If you interested in bulk or wholesale simply contact our friendly support team. We are a vendor since 1998, we do regular lab testing, as you can be sure your shipment arrives in timely manners.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

You should not use Kratom to treat or cure anxiety, depression, opioid withdrawal or any kind of addiction. Kratom should never substitute medications, there could be complications. Please always talk to your health care professional or health care practitioners first. A physician can always advise you best. Always keep all your  kratom out of reach of children.

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The US FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement.

Tennessee allows persons only persons/individuals over the age of 21.

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