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Hand-Body Soap with Kratom Extract


150ml of hand & body with Kratom Extract and Almond Perfume (5.07 FL. Oz.)

This creamy soap has a delicate fragrance that will uplift your spirits. It will soothe your skin with a delightful ambrosial scent.


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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoins & Ach payments

Hand & Body Soap with Almond Perfume and Kratom Extract.

A delicate fragrance uplifts your spirits while using this creamy soap. This liquid gem will boost your mood and leave your skin soft to the touch with an ambrosial scent.

Best for: all skin types

The Benefits: Kratom Extract contains catechins, mitragynine and rhamnose, three powerful ingredients to help fight free radicals, rejuvenate the skin and prevent cell damage.

How to use: Apply to wet skin, lather and rinse well. Treat yourself today and order our luxury hand & body soap. 



FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY - Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision.

Kratom Data

Strain color
Kratom Extract
Available form
Country of origin
Made in Italy
Packing sizes
150ml (5.07 FL. Oz.)

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Hand & Body Soap with Kratom Extract

Two things: 1) Wow really impressed with smell and feeling. It seems to have softened my hands considerably in less than a week. I really like it and I highly recommend. However, 2) I was a bit disappointed in the size of the bottle. has always been and always will continue to get my very continuous steady business because of their fair pricing, always good quality kratom and usually fast shipping(usually they get it out same day as the order is placed which is very important to me), and overall great customer service. I order a lot of kratom too. That being said they have my business for good unless they hike their prices up on kratom and/or start having bad quality kratom, but i very much doubt that will happen, considering 3 years of buying and no issues and if there ever was they will take care off you. So they've got my business 100% and I pass the word on to others because well for 1) like i said good quality good price good service.
But also this company deserves more business and should be the number 1 vendor in the country. I've tried all other companies already a dozen others and all of them had either poor consistency and they all are absolutely ripping the customer off. SO AGAIN, TO BE CLEAR, THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST IN ALL ASPECTS, IF YOU HAVEN'T BOUGHT FROM THEM YET THEN YOU REALLY NEED TO. Or you're an idiot.. Back to review: good stuff, but it seems like a small amount for 8 bucks but I could be wrong as i haven't loooked else where for it, and i likely never will. This vendor is the best. But as far as the kratom soap goes, i love it and have no complaints other than price just doesn't seem worth it to me for how much you get. I wanted to try the shampoo and other things but now I don't know because the amount was not very much, in my opinion. Now it's not like I'm saying you get nothing, you get a normal small bottle, about the size and amount of a regular hand soap you pick up. To me, 8 bucks for 150ml other about 5 ounces, isn't feasible at this time. Great stuff though guys and if I can be in a better position money wise in the future, I will gladly buy this stuff again and I really want to try the shampoo and other things. Overall 5 star for as usual! To anyone reading this comment, don't take this review wrong, it is definitely worth trying for yourself at least once. God bless! Again thanks as always to everyone at buy!

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