How Flavourz Came About To Exist
How Flavourz Came About To Exist

The Flavourz brand was created exclusively to thwart inferior quality Kratom, with our branding called X270 series.

As a primary directive of our quality assurance projects, we have formed rigorous evaluation, testing, and research of our product line's origin processes to ensure that we are 100% certain that every gram going out of our distribution centers is precisely what we market it as being and of the highest quality available.

Our aim was always to provide cheap, high-quality Kratom—pure Kratom with mega discounts to our customers. The Kratom industry has grown massively over the past five years, and more and more Kratom retailers have appeared online. These retailers and their shops come and go. We have been in the Kratom industry since 1998; we are here for the long run. We are not a seller who will disappear overnight. Please always do your research before ordering Kratom online. Our commitment is always to have a good variety of high-quality Kratom with 100% purity. Shop Kratom with us.

Our company supplies various kratom powder and leaf product lines crafted from different strains. This range permits you, the customer, to identify the leaf product that best complements your interest. Our goal is to present you with an opportunity to experience the absolute best of the substantial world of Kratom. You get this when you buy Kratom from Flavourz.

Flavourz is a Kratom Vendor focusing on Kratom strains for decades; our personal favorites strains are green malay and maeng da Kratom. Our staff constantly looks for new varieties and compares each Kratom leaf for its effects. We want our users to get the best Kratom, which is available on the market. We always stock enough quantities so you can order whenever you want from our Kratom shop.

Nowadays, stores offer Kratom from different regions, such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Jongkong, Aceh, Sulawesi, and Penang. Hulu, for example, comes from the Kalimantan region. In our opinion, that move was made, so stores have more strains to offer to the public.

In recent years, we also focused  Kratom extracts, tinctures and kratom liquid drinks, as we got the feeling that the price value for this products got better. We carefully select each Kratom product, so we can always be sure all our Kratom offers are of the highest quality. We ran lab tests on all products regularly, so we are very proud of our new product selection.

What To Expect From Flavourz When You look for Kratom for sale Online

Thanks to our US-based storage facilities, most orders are generally shipped the same day of your purchase. All purchases from Friday evening to Sunday are dispatched on Monday.

Usually, most of our customers receive their order within just two days! Our powder Kratom is of the highest quality, as is our customer service!

You can contact us via phone, email, or our contact us page if you have any questions.

Should there be any issues, rest assured that our friendly customer support will positively solve the case with you.

Our products are sterilized in the United States and tested for contaminants and pathogens before we sell them. Our kratom must meet high-quality standards to ensure our customers receive the best product possible.

We use high-quality packaging for all our botanicals to guarantee maximum freshness in each batch. We store, package, and process all of our kratom in-house under GMP guidelines. The reason for doing this is to have complete control over each process step, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality product possible.

All of our Kratom products come with a satisfaction guarantee backed by our money-back guarantee. When you shop with us, you automatically become part of our rewards program, which offers further discounts on future purchases.

If you ever have an issue with one of our products, contact our support team and request a refund. In some cases, you may need to return the bag or bottle of Kratom you ordered from us before the refund can be applied.

There is a lot of online Kratom available these days. Don't be fooled - a lot of Kratom vendors come and go. We are one of the few companies around for nearly 25 years. Our reputation is essential to us, and our customer support usually replies to questions within hours. We listen to the community and adjust our offerings as needed. We might have a limited online kratom selection, but we ensure all our items have the highest potency and strength.

We offer all types of payment options, including e-checks, all major credit cards, bitcoin, and gift cards. Anyone can easily order Kratom from us. Add your desired product to the cart and checkout. We designed our website content with a fast and easy checkout experience in mind.

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