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How Long do the Effects of Kratom Last?

How Long do the effects of Kratom last?

In this blog post, we will examine some of those factors and their role in the duration of Kratom's effects. In the final section, we will discuss dosage and estimate how long you can expect Kratom to continue affecting you.


Everyone's unique body characteristics affect how much effect will come from a given amount of Kratom. Things such as weight, brain chemistry, mood, age, and previous exposure can all play a role in reducing (or amplifying) the effects of Kratom.

Many of these are beyond the control of a kratom user. Changing your brain chemistry or age is impossible, and changing your weight isn't something you can do on a whim. You can reduce the amount of tolerance that builds up over time. Patience with Kratom comes most quickly when the same strain is used repeatedly. Changing up the music occasionally keeps the body exposed to a different set of alkaloids and prevents it from adjusting too much to any one kind of Kratom.

Reducing the amount of tolerance built up will ensure that you continue to experience the maximum duration possible with your kratom experience, but switching up strains has another advantage discussed below.

Strain Used

Because of the differences in body chemistry mentioned above, everyone responds to different strains of Kratom, like the Maeng Da Kratom versus the Red Vein Kratom, in different ways. A song that has an extended effect on one person may have a shortened impact on another. Trying different themes will allow you to see which ones provide you with the most extended impact and also help you reduce the amount of tolerance built up.

Since many factors might affect how you react to a given strain of Kratom, you should never decide about a song based on one use. As you alternate between the different kinds of Kratom, please consider how long it lasts and its effects. Over time you will get a more accurate picture of how each affects you.

Full or Empty Stomach

Kratom starts to work quicker and lasts longer when the stomach is empty than when it is complete. On an empty stomach, the effects of Kratom will begin after about half an hour. Full bellies lengthen the wait from an hour to an hour and a half. This difference in onset time means empty stomachs will enjoy an extra 30-60 minutes of effects before they wear off.

Dosage and Duration

Unsurprisingly, the dosage taken plays a significant role in the duration of the experience. Small to medium doses of 0-6 grams will generally fade away after 4 hours. Higher dosages can last up to 8 hours but are usually not recommended, especially for new users.


Peak effects do not last for the entire duration. Depending on the dosage, tolerance, and other factors mentioned, peak effects will last between one hour to two and a half hours. From there, a gradual decrease in results will begin until the total duration is up and the effects have worn off.

It is also worth mentioning that Kratom does not have a crash effect. This can make it more challenging to tell precisely when the products have ended. It also makes the end of a kratom session more pleasant than it might otherwise be.

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