The Standardization of Kratom
The Standardization of Kratom

Unveiling the Key to Consistency and Quality.

We would like to discuss the importance of standardizing and explore the incredible benefits of standardized products.

Standardization of herbs and extracts maintains a consistent level of active compounds in each dose.

The Kratom leaf can vary significantly in total alkaloids, with its primary alkaloid being Mitragynine. The content of Mitragynine in the leaves can range from 0.6% to 2.5%. On average, Mitragynine constitutes the majority of alkaloids in Kratom, typically accounting for 50-70% of the total.

Our lab tests indicated that leaves with 1.2% to 1.6% usually contain about 60% of total alkaloids, while those with high Mitragynine levels have around 70%.

Determining the correct doses for users can be challenging because of the wide variety of active compounds. This is especially true when users frequently switch between different strains.

We strive to migrate this process by expertly blending it with our regular leaves. This approach enables us to offer you leaves that are of similar quality. However, it's important to note that this is not standardization itself; rather, it's a way of achieving a more consistent leaf through extensive testing and blending.

Our standardized Kratom products are available in three variants: 30mg and 75mg in tablet form, and 90mg in liquid shots.

We measure the content of  Mitragynine in milligrams (mg), specifically referring to its quantity and not the total alkaloids. Please note that our product contains all alkaloids as we exclusively employ total spectrum extracts.

We typically use a standardized full-spectrum extract to achieve this. Afterwards, we mix it with a high-quality leaf to obtain these results. Whole spectrum extracts are a stronger version of the leaf because they keep all the alkaloids and natural elements.

Now, you might be wondering about the benefits. The advantage is that you can easily control your dosages compared to regular leaves. What's more, despite the slightly higher cost than the usual leaf, you'll find it offers exceptional value for money.

So you’ll still get an incredible bang for your buck!

For instance, a standard Kratom leaf contains approximately 
12-15mg of Mitragynine per gram of leaf. 
Our 30mg tablets contain 30mg of Mitragynine in a 500mg dosage. 
Similarly, our 75mg tablets contain 75mg of Mitragynine in a 500mg dosage.  Lastly, our X270 liquid shots contain 90mg of Mitragynine in a 30ml volume.

One of the benefits of using standardized products is you potentially avoid experiencing side effects and there’s a reduced risk of discomfort when you follow the suggested doses provided on the package.

Another advantage is you require a significantly smaller quantity of Kratom extract compared to regular leaf. This advantage becomes particularly valuable when you are on the move, travelling, or working out at the gym.

With standardized products, you can enjoy the added advantage of potentially experiencing fewer side effects and a reduced risk of discomfort when you follow the suggested doses provided on the package.

In an upcoming update, we would like to discuss the topic of tolerance, including effective management strategies and its significance for long-term users.

Check out our incredible selection of Kratom Tablets! From the refreshing 30mg option to the powerful 75mg variant, we’ve got you covered. And don’t miss our popular X270 Liquid Shots for an extra boost!

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