What Strain of Kratom is the Strongest?
What Strain of Kratom is the Strongest?


What Strain of Kratom is the Strongest?

Because kratom strains can have wildly different effects, choosing the strongest one depends on the intended purpose. In this blog post, we'll look at some of the common uses of kratom and discuss which strains are commonly considered the strongest. It is also important to note that how a person responds to pressure depends significantly on their body chemistry. So, these should be regarded as starting points that apply to most people and not necessarily definitive answers.


One of the most well-known uses for kratom is as a stimulant similar to coffee. For this purpose, the white-vein kratom strains will be the most suited since the other colors are known more for either a sedative effect or a mix. The white Hulu or white Maeng Da are generally regarded as the most potent for their stimulant properties among the various regions from which white-veined kratom is available. These have higher concentrations of the stimulating alkaloid mitragynine. For stimulating effects, lower doses are recommended.


Red-vein kratom is used for sedation rather than stimulation on the opposite end of the spectrum. The red-veined varieties are better suited to this task than other colors. Chief among the red-veined kratom strains for sedation effects is red Bali. A close second is the red Borneo strain as an alternative to red Bali. Both of these strains have lower concentrations of the alkaloid mitragynine mentioned in the section above. Moderate to high doses are recommended for the maximum soothing effect.

Pain Relief, Opiate Withdrawal

Some people take kratom in higher doses to alleviate pain or to aid in the withdrawal from opiates. This is another area where the red Bali powder or red Borneo strains shine. Both songs are high in alkaloids that function as partial opiate agonists. Partial opiate agonists bind to the opioid receptors in the brain but do not activate them fully as actual opiates do. Although higher doses are recommended for this purpose, anyone new to using kratom should start at small amounts until their effect on the user is known.


Many take kratom for its effectiveness in alleviating depression. The best strains for this will provide a pleasant euphoric feeling without having an overly sedative quality. Of all the regions, kratom from Maeng Da is most often used for this purpose. White or green-vein kratom versions from the area are instrumental in striking a balance needed to relieve symptoms of depression. Moderate doses will provide the best combination of euphoric effects without getting too close to the soothing impact of higher doses. Good secondary choices for dealing with depression would be the green Thai or green Malay strains.


The best kratom for relieving anxiety combines a euphoric and soothing effect. This combination will calm you down while also picking up your mood. We've repeatedly mentioned how the red-veined leaves are best suited to provide a sedation effect. What we want in choosing a strain for anxiety is to mix that with a song that gives a euphoric effect and effectively blends the two. Red Borneo kratom is considered one of the best strains for this purpose. Red Bali or red Maeng Da is also good second choices. 

Depending on your exact needs, the most powerful solution might not be the one that fits your goals.

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