X270 - Kratom Liquid Shot

X270 Kratom Liquid Shot is a premium 45% Kratom Extract in liquid form. It's one of the exclusive brands we produce and carry. One bottle is one shot and goes a long way. Our 45%...
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Liquid ShotX270 Kratom Liquid Shot is a premium 45% Kratom Extract in liquid form. It's one of the exclusive brands we produce and carry. One bottle is one shot and goes a long way. Our 45% Extract is extracted from premium crushed Maeng Da Leaves; our R&D put a lot of energy and effort into this new product range over the last 12 months to fine-tune the extraction process as the dosage. I hope you guys enjoy it.


That's the first liquid Kratom product we are adding to our site. There was a lot of discussion about if we should add a liquid shot to our inventory. You will see it was worth the effort. This liquid Kratom Extract is of fantastic quality, as we tried to steeper pricing as competitively as possible. To be clear, these are not kratom tinctures; we produce a very pure alkaloid extract, then later on dissolve this extract into the water. No alcohol is present in the final fluid.

As always, all our Kratom comes from ethical farming; we work with farmers in Indonesia & Malaysia. We check all our Kratom for impurities and make regular lab tests on all products.

Kratom shots are pretty new to the domestic market; in recent years, much research has gone into these shots. It's an excellent alternative to any herbal tea; one of its benefits is that a small amount is needed from these shots to have effects as the alkaloids and mitragynine levels are very high. One of the first kratom shot producers was called opmkratom; opens first, more popular version was opms gold liquid kratom, but in our opinion, the price point was far too high. We usually don't mention other manufacturers on our site, but in this case, we did, as Open offered the first commercial product of this kind.

We are still working on the flavors for that kind of product. Kratom shots Kratom, we believe, will be the future for the domestic markets in the United States; it will boost the mainstreaming of Kratom products in the long run. As coffee and other herbs, as edibles, are getting more and more essential in our world, we hope that the regulations around Kratom will be more accessible so more people can enjoy this excellent plant.

Our liquid kratom shot was designed to create a concentration with leaf extract, focusing on clarity and a fair price point. The ingredients are 100% natural.

Some people call x270 an excellent mood enhancer; as consumers mentioned, even half a bottle delivers outstanding results in the morning. Liquid Kratom shots produce faster the desired effects of Kratom, which can be euphoria, sedation, and relaxation, don't forget the pain reliever effects as well.

Generally speaking, liquid shots are the most popular form of kratom extracts. Kratom liquid shots find the balance between convenience and pricing.
We gathered the internet to find out that most of these shots are for sale, between $19.99, $18.99, to $14.99. We decided to offer it for $9.99 or less, as it makes it possible for consumers to use that great shot of Kratom regularly.

We are still looking into other flavors, which we might launch signature. So stay tuned for that.

Do not forget to store all your Mitragyna Speciosa products in a dry and dark place. For liquid extracts, we suggest always using your fridge. As always, each shipment & order will be dispatched within 24 hours, and our packaging is neutral. As always, if you don't like any of our Kratom products, contact our support team and request a refund. Do not forget to browse other categories from our online store; you will find a wider variety of this fantastic plant there.

Please always read the information provided on the product label carefully.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Lewis M. (Las Vegas, US)
Taking Shots!

A little bitter but love the shot. The size also decreased from the first time I ordered it. LOL

Leonard K. (Port Saint Lucie, US)

Fast acting and potent

scott s. (North Bergen, US)
Great Stuff

Great for carrying in your pocket where you can't mix up powder. Except they changed labeling from green wrapper to brown. Seems like same stuff.

Anonymous (Detroit, US)

Great product as well as a potent liquid shot. If you are new to these products I’d definitely recommend splitting the single serving in two.


The liquid is so easy and convenient to use.

X270 - Kratom Liquid Shot - Flavourz | Kratom
X270 - Kratom Liquid Shot
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